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[Game Chef] Science Fiction western

I haven't mentioned it here, but I've been working on a game for this year's Game Chef roleplaying game design contest.

This year's ingredients include "Desert", "Edge", "Skin", "City" and "Journey". So everyone is making a game about nomads travelling a mythical desert or a weird dream city. Trying to avoid that, I decided to push for a different kind of desert altogether. and maybe a game that isn't about the journey itself so much as it is about where you find yourself at the end of the journey.

So the game is gonna be a science fiction western. Like Firefly or Trigun or Cowboy Bebop.

So you are an inhabitant of a dusty, desert like planet orbiting Proxima Centauri. It's mankind's first colony beyond the solar system. And because no one ever got around that whole speed of light issue, that means that it takes years for news to travel from earth to the colony and even longer for people and supplies.

Today the sheriff (and leader of the colony) is found dead. When the deputy finds the body, he also discovers that the sheriff has been lying to the colony: Earth has stopped communicating with the colony, a long time ago. Complete radio silence from the whole planet, which suggests a nuclear war or catastrophe killed everybody there.

How will the colony survive its dwindling resources without Earth's resupply shipments? What will you do to survive?

You can follow the further discussion of the game if you're interested. I'm hoping to get the rest of it finalized and typed up over the next few days.
Tags: cowboy, cowboy bebop, dwindling resources, firefly, game chef, game chef 2010, game design, longshot, proxima centauri, roleplaying games, rpgs, science fiction, trigun, western
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