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Gamers Helping Haiti is helping to raise money to aid relief efforts in Haiti. This is good, in and of itself. But most notable is that if you donate $20 (which all goes off to Doctors without Borders), then you receive $1,400 worth of PDFs. That's a ridiculously good deal, so good that Drivethru's system can't handle the complete listing and craps out alphabetizing things at "C".

Read the full list here, but seriously you'll find more than $20 worth of cool stuff in there. Even if we apply Sturgeon's Law to the matter and assume 90% of the PDFs are useless to you, you still get $150 worth of quality product for donating a small sum to charity. That's pretty awesome.
Tags: disaster relief, haiti, more properly sturgeon's revelation, role playing games, rpgs, sweet deal
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