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Over on Story Games, there's a thread about writing RPGs in 5 minutes. This is one of the games I wrote for that.

Wide Stance

This is a game for four players*. You will collectively tell the story of a prominent conservative politician, who is also a closeted homosexual.

The first player is Lies. He tells everyone what the politician's political party's positions are on political issues, particularly those involving gay rights.

Once he has spoken, the second player, the Public Persona, speaks, describing his candidate's positions, and how those relate to the party's (more moderate/more extreme). Narrate the politician giving a public speech.

Then the third player speaks, acting as Damned Lies. Damned Lies describes the politicians secret urgings and actions behind closed doors to fulfill these actions. These urges and actions always run counter to the party's positions, the Persona's statements, or both.

Then the fourth player is Statistics, who tells us how opinions polls and the American people react to the politician's public acts. More extreme/bigoted political positions are rewarded, while more moderate ones punished.

Then you go back to the first player (Lies), and repeat the process. Repeat until the Damned Lies's actions are so extreme that he is exposed, or until the Statistics is so satisfied that the politician is elected King Forever.

*(After writing it, I considered that possibly the game would work better with an odd number of players, so that everyone gets to try out every role.)
Tags: politics, roleplaying, rpgs, wide stance
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